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Domain Value Appraisal is free Online Tool to find value of any Domain Name.
Tool will check important parameters to find the value of Domain.
There are 100+ factors that determine the Domain value, some of them is listed below:
1) How many TLD already sold out, so if there are only less TLD available for the Domain's, that confirms that there is high demand for that Keyword. Imagine you cannot sell abcdef.TLD in 500 Dollars if other TLD with same name exist. Buyer may not want to buy Domain if other similar name TLD exist for 5 USD.
2) Domain Length, it should not be more that 16 character's, to make it SEO Search engine friendly you should have less character's in Domain name. Domain with less character's count is usually sold in high price.
3) Country Code TLD for local SEO presence, if your business is local to your country, so you don't need to buy General TLD if Country Code TLD available.
4) Similar Domain Name Past Sales history, check for history of Domain Marketplace Sales history to find Sales pattern of the Domain Name.
5) Monthly Volume Search of the keyword mentioned in Domain Name, it is one of the important parameter while buying domain name for Re-selling purpose. Digital Marketer's need High Volume Premium Keyword to rank Client's Business in Top pages. Check for Keyword Difficulty (KD), If High KD .com Domain is available, grab that Domain. SEO Marketer's uses SEO Landing Page Strategy after buying High Premium Keyword Domain names. It is also useful for SEO 301 redirect purpose.
6) Keyword CPC, High CPC Keyword is good to sell domain in high price. Business spend's thousand of Dollars in Google Ads PPC campaign, so to avoid Business Advertisement cost, it is recommended to buy High CPC Keyword Name mentioned in Domain Name for SEO Landing page purpose.
7) Age of the Domain, the Older is better, It is useful for the Business who already in business for long time and still not have online presence, so those business consider Old Age Domain to let visitors know they are in business for long time.
8) Similar pattern related to that Keyword, if more similar pattern exists than it is good for getting high price.
9) Latest Trends of the Keyword in search engine, Google Trends is useful to find the latest Trends emerging in the World.
10) Total Number of results in search engine's.

Below are the points to consider while buying Domain Name:
1) Avoid buying Domain Name with Hyphen in it, It is not user friendly Domain Name, and is also not SEO friendly, Top Big companies never uses Hyphen domains.
2) Avoid buying Domain Name with Number and Characters both in it, Example: etc., however there are some exception like you can go for, as it sounds good, easy to remember and relevant too.
3) You can buy Domain name with only numbers in it, if it is short Example, is premium Chinese Domain name, Chinese Investor's buy lot of Domain name with only Number's in it. Number Domains are in Huge Demand in China because Chinese people don't know English, so they prefer numbers in domain instead of English Characters. Also China is big and has lot of lottery business’s, so those business consider only numbers. Avoid Numbers 4, 7, 5 these are unlucky Chinese numbers.
4) Take only less Characters in Domain name, Characters greater than 15 is not good for SEO, Search engines think it as Spammy domains if there are more character count in Domain name like Search Engine treat this domain as spammy as if owner wanted to fool search engines by having all words in Domain name itself. Also, less character domain name is good to type easily, user can go directly to that domain instead of searching in Internet, think if you want to go to you just type in browser, however if you want to go to domain name, you rather search in Google and then will go to that domain. Top Business’s buy short Domain name to avoid user's go to other competitor's sites while searching, this is Market Strategy to retain users by having short domain name in it. Think you searched long domain name in Google and then in search result you see competitor's website, you may go to competitor's website instead of the website that you intended to go initially.
5) Try to buy .COM TLD domain as it is famous and world recognised commercial domain, it is good for Domain Trading.
6) If you are planning to buy other New TLD than check who is the Registry Owner of that TLD, Registry having Largest TLD Market share is a safe bet as Sponsoring Organization is big and will not bankrupt in future. Donuts Inc company is owner of more than 180 TLD, so it is safe to buy those TLDs as TLD is in big hands.
7) Check the TLD matches with your Business niche (if you are not going with .com), Example if you are Coffee business owner buy HotChocolate.Coffee instead of HotChocolate.Info You should know that there are now more than 1800+ TLD available in the Internet Market.
8) Avoid buying domain name that is not relevant at all like Car.Dentist, Car.Beer it doesn't make any sense. Do not buy those domain names.
9) Do not think that if Domain sold for 3.1 Million, you can buy pattern like, etc. thinking that you will get buyers.
10) You can buy Domain based on Sales data, so if sold for 1.5 Million and if you are able to get domain than you can buy it.
11) Buy Old Aged Closeout Expired Domains from GoDaddy, GoDaddy Last Day Expired Closeout is priced only 5 USD + renewal fees, and you can get good old Domains in less price.
12) Buy Exact High-Volume Keyword domain name to get good returns, as it will be in Demand, Example: Auto Insurance Keyword is high Monthly Volume Premium Keywords and is in demand.
13) Check for CPC of the Keywords that you are planning to Buy Domain Name, go for High CPC keywords, Like Lawyers, Insurance, Accident, Mesothelioma, Plumber, Attorney Keywords are having 100 USD CPC.
14) If you are buying any aged Old Domains or Deleted Domains check for it's MOZ Spam Score, MOZ Spam Score should not be greater than 10. You can use Disavow Tool to remove bad existing Backlinks if you already own Domain and wanted to reduce it's Spam Score.
15) Avoid buying Spammy TLDs such as .REST, .BUZZ, .WORK, .TOP, .LOAN, .CF, .CLICK, .CLUB
16) If you are going for Expired Domains, Check for it's Majestic Trust Flow called as TF , TF greater than 15 is good factor and good Domain to buy, TF/CF should not be less than .20 (CF is Majestic Citation Flow)
17) If you are buying old Age Expired Domains, Check for Website pages snapshot present in if the Wayback archive is Clean than it is good to sell it to buyer, because Buyer don't want Domain that has bad Archive Snapshot pages, Imagine a situation where you buy any Domain and you see that Domain was having Snapshot in Wayback archive showing Website was doing Wrong business in the past. Buyer don't want to buy that Domain. You can always send email to Wayback Support team for clean up archive [email protected]
18) Before buying Domain for Trading purpose, check how many TLD already sold out or not available, this is good indication of Domain that is in Demand, also it reduces the risk of buyer going to other TLD if same TLD not available. Think if you are quoting Domain in 10000 USD in Marketplace, and is available in just 10 USD, Buyer may not be interested in buying that .com in huge price, to better Market yourself, you need to atleast buy .COM, .NET, few other on-demand TLDs to reduce the risk, buyer can buy in 100 USD if .net is available in 10 USD, but not the other way around by spending huge money in .COM
19) Go to Google Trends and search Keyword that you are planning to buy Domain Name, find it's trends for last 5 years, and status of trends in last 3 months. Interest Trends greater than 65 is very good and it is an indication that people in the world searching for that keyword regularly in search engine.
20) Go for Dictionary Language words which is most spoken language in the world to sell in the country where it is spoken, however keep in mind that character count of dictionary word should be less, easy to spell and remember. In this case you may not really need to check Keyword Volume, Keyword CPC etc. It is based on Domain Buyer's interest if he wants that dictionary word in his new business website. Most spoken languages after English are Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, French, Russian.
21) For Expired Closeout Domains, Pending Delete Domains, Auction Domains check it's total Referring Backlinks, If Domain is having good high Authority backlinks than it is advantage for you to buy that domain as you can ask for High Genuine Price. Ex: if Domain is having backlinks from or high reputational Website, multiple High DA websites, it is good factor to buy Domain.
22) Check custom URL if present in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter. It is always good if custom URL still available. For Ex: if you buy domain, check if is still available. Top companies uses Branding name in all social media sites.
23) For Expired Domains/ Deleted Domains, check it's Alexa Ranking, if you find any top Alexa ranking website's available (Alexa should be less than 70000 to consider) than you can consider buying that domain name.
24) If you are considering buying Expired Domains/Deleted Domains, find it's Semrush Keyword ranking, more Semrush Keywords count is good factor to buy the Domain. Ex : if is having Semrush Keyword count greater than 300 that means for 300 Keyword's website is currently ranking less than 100 position in Google search result.
25) For Expired Domains/Deleted Domains, Check if the Domain is not banned by Google, that means it should be indexed by Search engines.
26) When you search any term in Google engine, it provides total number of results for that terms something like you see "About 158,000,000 results (0.61 seconds)" Result's having greater than 300 Million results is good factor, and result showing as Billions is very good. Example: if you want to buy Domain, search Car and see how many Results come, for Car it is coming more than 10 Billions, that shows it's keyword strength.
27) Check how many Similar Domains pattern already exist in Domain Auction site's (Ex: Godaddy Domain Auction Site) to get a feeling of how much competitions you will face once you published it for Sale, Ex: if you are planning to buy for trading purpose, then search Godaddy Domain Auctions Sites that listed *cars* domain, it comes around 20000+ Domains currently listed for Domain Sale in Godaddy Site itself. Do you think you can compete with other 20000 Domains already listed in Auction site?
28) Last but not the least, think yourself if you would be a buyer of the Domain name you are planning to sell, Do you buy it in that Price? Is the Domain really worth the price that you are quoting?

Below are the most popular and in Demand Top 10 TLD's in 2020, below TLD you should consider in mind while buying Domain name:
1) .COM - It is the Supreme of all other 2000+ TLDs available in the market by Popularity, by Market Share.
2) .NET - It is the 2nd most popular TLD.
3) .ORG - 3rd in the Popular TLD List.
4) .DE - It is the Country Code TLD of Germany, however as it is not Country Restricted domain, any one can buy it for trading or business purpose, so 4th most Popular and by Market share too.
5) .CN - Country Restricted Domain, Only Chinese resident can buy it, since China is Top Populated country in the World, it's Market share is big.
6) .IO - is sixth major popular TLDs and is in Top than any other New TLD exist in the Internet.
7) .CO - As it is like .COM TLD, People prefer to buy .CO TLD because of resemblance with .COM
8) .IN - It is Country Code TLD of India, however any one can purchase it, and as India is 2nd Top Populated country, .IN is 8th Most popular TLD and its Market share is also in Top 10 list.
9) .US - USA restricted TLD Domain only for US residents, as US is one of the developed countries and top countries in Internet traffic, so .US TLD comes in the Top 10 TLD list.
10) .INFO - 10th in the most popular TLD list.

Valuing online businesses involves considering several key factors. The value of a website typically depends on three main aspects:
1. Revenue Generation: The income a website generates and its sources play a crucial role in determining its value. The net profit, which is the amount left after deducting expenses, is often used as a basis for valuation. Generally, a website is evaluated based on a multiple of its monthly net profit. Currently, the common range for this multiple is between 30 to 45 times. For instance, if a website earns $10,000 per month in net profit, its estimated sale price would range from $300,000 to $450,000.
2. Website Traffic: Another significant factor in valuing a website is the level of traffic it receives. While some online calculators estimate a website's worth based solely on traffic, this approach is often considered inadequate. However, traffic can still impact the valuation process when combined with other factors. The quality of traffic, rather than just the quantity, can influence the monthly multiple applied to the sale price.
3. Additional Value: Apart from income and traffic, there are other valuation factors to consider. These include the website's Domain Rating (DR) score, the quality of backlinks, the size and engagement of the email list and social media following, and any unique or challenging-to-replicate elements. Backlinks are particularly valuable as they contribute to search engine optimization (SEO). The higher the quality of links pointing to a website, the greater its potential value. Similarly, a strong and engaged email list or social media presence can be appealing to potential buyers. Any unique features or content that are hard to duplicate can also enhance the value of a website.
In summary, the value of an online business is determined by factors such as net profit, website traffic, the quality of traffic, backlinks, social media following, email list engagement, and unique characteristics. Understanding and analyzing these elements allows for a more accurate valuation of an online business.

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