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Find List of Subdomains of any Website, Get the list of Child Domain of a Parent Domain.

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Check how many subdomains are present on any website, our tool will get the Subdomains list based on if the website has Wild Card SSL certificate installed. So you can check list of Subdomains of Top Websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Amazon, Yandex, Baidu etc. To know list of Subdomains of top 500 Websites in the world is useful for traffic and backlink generation purpose. Example, is having 50+ subdomains, and you can easily post there to get backlinks. Tag : Dig all Subdomains, DNS Subdomains.

Subdomain is nothing but a Domain in itself, however it is a Child of main Parent Domain. For example : Subdomain of one famous Classified Parent Website is also same way like is also part of main domain. Subdomain will be having its own directory, so all files and folder under it will not be part of parent website directory. Most of the companies have Blogs, so you will see there subdomains will be like Subdomain is needed if you want to separate out the content, theme, purpose on to separate section of your parent website. Subdomain is different than Subfolder, as Subfolder resides on the parent domain.