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Domain Authority (DA) is MOZ's SEO Domain Ranking system which tells how strong is the Domain's presence in Global Internet system. DA is on scale from 1 to 100, 1 being lowest and 100 is on Top, so it means Website having high DA is having strong presence/Backlinks in other websites. To sell any Domain in good price, you should have it's DA high. Experience Digital Marketer will only create Backlinks from high DA Domain, so it is very important to find website's Domain Authority before creating Backlinks.

We have Domain Authority Check tool aka DA PA Checker Tool to find Website's MOZ's Rank, Just Enter any Domain name and you will get result of MOZ's Domain Authority information. Below DA checker Tool will provide your Website's Domain Authority, it's Page Authority, it's MOZ Rank. You can check in Bulk DA PA upto 10 Websites at one time.

Domain Authority (DA) of a Domain increases as and when it's backlink count increases. Backlins means how many other Domain's web page mention your website name somewhere in it's page. High Website Ranking depends on High Domain Authority, if you have high DA PA than you can get more price of your domain when you sell it. Website owner should focus on Quality Backlink's instead of Quantity, you should not increase Backlink from Spammy Website or Low DA PA websites, just concentrate on Quality Genuine relavant backlink. Example : If you have Electronics Blog or Domain, so you should make backlinks from Electroncis related niche Backlinks website, not by any other industry that is not relavant to your website niche. Elecronics website backlinks should not come from Medical blog or Website, Google treat it as SPAM Backlinks and give you a penalty.