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While SHA-256 is not technically encryption, it's a cryptographic hash algorithm that plays a crucial role in data security.

Here's a breakdown of how it works:
Input: Any data, text, or file can be fed as input to the SHA-256 algorithm.
The algorithm divides the input into 512-bit blocks. It employs a series of complex mathematical operations, including logical functions, shifts, and additions, to transform each block repeatedly. These transformations are designed to create a unique fingerprint of the input, making it extremely difficult to reverse engineer or predict the original data from the hash.

The final output is a 256-bit (64-character hexadecimal string) hash value, also known as a message digest. This hash represents a condensed, unique, and tamper-proof signature of the original input.

Key characteristics of SHA256 Algorithm:
One-way: It's practically impossible to reverse the hash to obtain the original data.
Deterministic: The same input always produces the same hash, ensuring consistency and integrity.
Small changes, big impact: Even a minor alteration in the input results in a completely different hash, making it sensitive to data integrity.
Collision resistance: Finding two different inputs that create the same hash is extremely improbable, making it secure for authentication purposes.

Common applications that uses SHA256 Encryption Method:
Password storage: Instead of storing passwords in plain text, systems often store their SHA-256 hashes, preventing password exposure in case of breaches.
File integrity verification: SHA-256 hashes can ensure that files haven't been tampered with during transfer or storage.
Digital signatures: SHA-256 is used to create digital signatures that verify the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents and messages.
Blockchain technology: SHA-256 forms the backbone of blockchains like Bitcoin, ensuring the immutability and security of transaction records.

SHA-256 is nothing but a cryptographic Hash Security Algorithm method to prevent unauthorised use of password, so password will be sent via encrypted method over internet so other hackers cannot steal it, it is a unique 256 bit text that is encoded from a given string. Encrypting a data means transforming the data into a secret code, which could be hard to hack and it helps you to securely protect data you don't want anyone else to gain access to.
You should use strong password that are not decoded anywhere in hacking database, Maybe you think that your passwords are extremely strong, difficult to hack. Since you can observe decent password hashing is more than simply sticking a salt at the conclusion of a password and shoving it in the SHA-256 hash function. Transport Layer Security protocol is just one of the most prevalent encryption protocols on the net.
If an internet shopping site only allows to earn payment with credit cards, then you ought to use a digital credit card instead. If by chance you run one of the SHA checks above and understand that the SHA1 algorithm is used, you might want to strongly think about buying a new SSL certificate which uses SHA256. There's also a possibility that your software/computer is legitimately corrupt.
The advantage of employing a hash function is it encrypts the transaction in such a way it will become inaccessible or impossible to read without the appropriate decryption key. The goal of hash values is to supply a cryptographically-secure method to verify that the contents of a file haven't been changed. This free SHA256 Encryption tool is an illustration of the way to create a hash of a given input string.

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