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You can use our free Online Tool to generate Random number without any repeatition in it. Random number generators use "entropy" to generate "true" random numbers. This is data that appears random from the physical world. They may use an algorithm and a seed number to generate random numbers that aren't necessarily random.

The computer must measure some physical phenomenon outside of its computer to generate a "true random number". The computer could, for example, measure radioactive decay in an atom. Quantum theory states that there is no way to predict when radioactive decay will happen, and this is "pure randomness" in the universe. An attacker wouldn't be capable of predicting when radioactive decay will occur. Therefore, they would not know the random value.

A computer might use atmospheric noise, or simply the time you press keys on the keyboard, as a source for unpredictable data or entropy. Your computer may notice that you hit a key exactly at 0.23423523 seconds after 2. p.m. You can collect enough information about these key presses to have enough entropy to create a true random number. An attacker cannot guess when these keys are pressed. You're not predictable, so you're not a machine that can be predicted. The /dev/random device in Linux generates random numbers. It "blocks" and returns no result until it has enough entropy.

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