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HTML to Text Text to HTML Ratio

A HTML to Text Extractor is useful Digital Marketing SEO tools where you can extract Text from HTML Website page, it will also give Code/Text ratio. Website Page having Text to HTML ratio greater than 60 percent is best for getting Higher ranking in Search Engine. You may also need sometimes to extract paragraphs from existing web page, however you don't want to have HTML tags embedded in the web page, you just want TEXT, so this is a useful tool to perform the same task for you. Text to HTML ratio is very important tool to check the Text percentage content in existing website page to avoid Google Adsense Policy Violation. If you are having adsense enabled in your Website and the Text content is very less than you will get email from Google related Policy violations. As for adsense to work efficiently, there should be some sufficient Content and quality content in Website pages. You should have Text to Code Ratio somewhere between 25 to 80 Percentage for SEO Friendly Website Page, more text percentage is always a good SEO factor.

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